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Pedagogic Activations


These images were produced during group projects and workshops. They identify with the search for new and different pedagogic spaces to perform and make embodied interactions on the surface of school.

span-hoops-hair (pedagogic activations) 2020.jpg

Span-Hoops-Hair (Pedagogic Activations) 2020 photo-assemblage

pedagogic strategies (2020) (reach) 2.jpg

Reach (Pedagogic Activations) 2020 photo-assemblage

Unfold (pedagogic activations) 2020.jpg
elbows (pedagogic activations) 2020 jpg.jpg

Unfold (Pedagogic Activations) 2020 photo assemblage

Elbows (Pedagogic Activations) 2020 photo assemblage

time-time (pedagogic strategies) 2020.jpg

Time-time (Pedagogic Activations) 2020 photo-assemblage

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