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A practicing artist and PhD researcher based at Birmingham School of Art, UK, I have been teaching across Further and Higher Education since 2015. I studied Art and Design at Warwickshire College, Fine Art at the University of Ulster, Belfast and MA Art Practice and Education at the School of Art, Birmingham. I was a Co-director at Catalyst Arts and collaborator with Factotum in Belfast and Source Magazine, Ireland. Between 2005 and 2015, I taught Art and Design in UK Primary and Secondary schools and have also taught in Ireland, Spain, The Netherlands and New York. In 2020 I was awarded a GRAIN Photography Hub bursary to make new work in response to young people's experience of Covid-19 in school. I am leading a commission artist with Thomas Eke, Larissa Shaw and Tamar Palmer for the British Art Show 9 Partner Schools Program, with Arts Connect, Wolverhampton Art Gallery and Wolverhampton School of Art.

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